Being Unproductive is Fine

Why do we always have to rush to do things? We rush to do everything as soon as possible, and we don’t rest, we just want to be productive. But we have to put ourselves to other perspective. That perspective being that we have time to do things, but we don’t have to do them right now. For me, it’s like, I’m only 24 years old, I have lots of time to make more money, to learn more, to be more productive. But sometimes we have to stop and look at what’s important. I haven’t written a blog post in two weeks since I was on vacation, spent two days outside of Belgrade with my girlfriend and her family, next day I was having construction workers at my home, they’re fixing my room, so I’m left with laptop and mobile phone. I’ve slept in other room, but wasn’t comfortable like in my own. So I decided I’ll take a break from writing, and I haven’t been to the gym for a week now (I’ll get back on Friday, it’s Monday now). Besides, in these two weeks that I took vacation on, it’ss Easter and May Day, so a lot of stores, gym, and everything else doesn’t work. So I will just relax. I’m left with painting the room and some minor shopping. Besides that, I’m highly unproductive, but I’ve given myself time to rest, to work on what’s important right now, and you should probably do that too sometime. Just rest, or shift focus (for me now, that’s my room). We all need time to rest, time to heal, since that’s the time we grow. That’s what sleep is for, that’s what vacation is for…

One thing that you have to remember is that if you’re tired, or sick, it doesn’t help that much that you are productive most of the time, since you’ll probably be laying down in your bed, resting and getting yourself better. So this way, being unproductive (in this case resting), is the way to keep you healthy too. Of course going to the gym (working out in general) and improving yourself is necessary to be healthy, but so is rest. We don’t have to be productive one hundred percent of times.

The most important thing that I remind myself is that I’m still young and that there is time to do the things I want to do, and I’m already working towards my goals. But I’m not going to do that if I’m going to get sick, or more tired and stuff like that. I need rest sometimes, and I’m allowing myself to have it.

This is first post I’ve written in about 10 minutes, not worrying much about it, it’s just some thoughts that I should remind myself sometimes. I hope this helps somebody to just realize that we do have time to do things, and that we do need rest.

While on topic of productivity, in the next few posts, I’ll write about what I’ve learned from 8 productivity courses I’ve bought + something that I have to say about that, like does it work for me and similar.