Migrating to Password Manager

A month ago I installed RememBear so I can migrate all my passwords to one place. It took me few hours, since my passwords were all over the place. They were on paper, in textual files, on Google Chrome, on Google Account, etc.

Disclaimer: I do not sponsor RememBear nor anything similar. It’s just a software that I use and give it as an example for this post.

Second Disclaimer: I’m no security expert, if you’re interested if this is safe, find a few articles on password managers security and similar.

For those few hours of migrating, I realized few things:

1. We have more accounts than we think

I have almost 70 accounts, I thought I have maybe 15-20…

2. Most of the passwords we use are the same

I had the same passwords on the most of my account, which I changed one by one. RememBear has strong password generator, so I used that. It even tells you for your old password how strong they are.

3. We store passwords all over the place

One thing I was looking for was to add new devices, so I have my password in one central location that can be accessed from any of my devices. I hated when I needed to get to my computer to find the password, so I can log in in some app/website on my phone.

Some of the applications were tied to my Google Account. I moved them all to password based, removed the dependency on Google (except that I’m using Gmail). I couldn’t remove only one account, so I wrote to the support on the website.

4. Two-Factor Authentication should be more convenient

I had set up most of my accounts to use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) since I used to use same few passwords.

Most of the websites and apps require 2FA when you log in from new device, so I’m good with that, I don’t have to type them all the time. RememBear can sync with 2FA by scanning QR code or typing the code. Once RememBear fills the username/email and password, it also copies the 2FA code to clipboard and I can just paste. There’s less need to pull the phone out, start Authy and type in the 2FA code manually.

5. I used Google Chrome because of convenience

One thing that kept me from moving to other browsers was just that, my passwords. I kept most of my passwords stored in the browser.

Second thing that kept me from moving to other browsers were bookmarks. I know it’s easy to export/import them, but I moved that too to RainDrop. The only thing I lost was the hierarchy of bookmarks, but that isn’t very important to me, and I don’t have many bookmarks anyway.

Now it’s easy to move to some other browser, use new apps and similar.

6. Password generator is more convenient than coming up with new ones

When RememBear sees Sign Up forms, you can click on the password field and generate password. I generate usually 20 characters of symbols, numbers and special characters. Different password for different account.

7. It’s more convenient overall

The simplest part is that you protect it with master password and with fingerprint, so my MacBook Pro 2016 I don’t type the master password, same goes for my Android phone. I just use the fingerprint and continue. It’s convenient. Also, from number 4. - copying 2FA code to clipboard also brings convenience.

RememBear has one month of free trial, and you can download the data if you don’t want to continue using it. There are some easy achievements which give you $6 discount, so instead of $36 for the year, I paid $30. With all it’s features, I recommend it.