Past Authoring Program - Review

I purchased full Self Authoring Suite and worked on Past Authoring. Most of the program is about answering given questions to yourself, but you break up your life in some past events that occurred and made an impact to you, positive and negative.

I’ve been meditating for more than year and a half now, and I let go most of my past, it’s not holding me down anymore. So when I was writing in the Past Authoring, I didn’t get that much as I thought I could. But that’s fine, since I realised just that - that I already let go of my past. I learned from it, but it’s not defining me. I mean there were some really bad things that happened to me in the past, like a lot of fights in Elementary School, but that’s all in the past, and it has no effect one me now.

While writing, I noticed that most of the experiences that I remember now are positive ones, which is great. We should enjoy life as much as we can, and I’m trying to do just that. Even though “Life is suffering” still holds true to me. It’s like Jordan Peterson says, you’re sacrificing today for better tomorrow - suffering now for better tomorrow.

So the program itself is nicely organized, and it takes some time to write it. I wrote around 5500 words, which isn’t that much, but it was enough for me to realize some things.

It’s made for self discovery, to find out what holds you back (if anything), and I noticed that I found out a lot about myself and my thoughts through journaling - which is what the next post will be all about.

I remember that in some video Jordan Peterson said that it’s going to help more to “damaged” people, those with bad past, that didn’t let go. I guess meditation did it for me, but also journaling.

I’m working now on Present Authoring - Faults, and I’ll write a review about it too.